A group of

Great Minds

Colleagues and friends joined forces to leverage the new
oil of the world — Data. We are an inter-disciplinary
team of coders, statisticians, domain analysts,
and designers.

with a vision

To Solve World's
Toughest Problems

Building data centric enterprise products, solving research
problems, or contributing towards new and efficient
algorithms; It is from the large mines of data
that we bring you the best of the solutions.

using a pair of

and Technology.

It is in the pile of statistical equations and whiteboards
that a sound statistical model is born. And in the n-Dimensional
space of design and graphics that lies a story-telling data
visualization. We device a solution and let
technology bridge the gap.

We are


We assist Researchers and Corporates.

Our Wonderful Team

Abhinav Shashank
Chief Executive Officer
Kanav Hasija
Chief Operating Officer
Sandeep Gupta
Sachin Jaiswal
VP Business Development
Ankit Maheshwari
Head Technology
Harshit Sinha
Business Analyst
Ajay S. Bidyarthy
Data Scientist II
Akhter Hemayoun
Operations Analyst
Varun Dhawan
Interaction Architect
Rahul Dagar
Data Scientist I
Saransh Singh
Data Scientist I