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We remember the old days: reams of paperwork, surprising fees, and confusing compliance procedures. We designed Datashop to let you smoothly transition into a value-based world within 4 weeks.

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Transition into a value-based world within 4 weeks

Get an end-to-end demo of Datashop’s capabilities. Datashop can quickly integrate complex healthcare data to help you understand your population better.

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Why Datashop

Datashop fits right in with your existing initiatives. Plus it’s simple, fast and beautiful.



With Datashop’s interoperable data lake, it’s like having a translator in a room with people speaking different languages – it’s magical.

Plug & Play

Years of deployment efforts and millions of dollars spent in deployments - seems familiar? With Datashop’s plug and play systems be more demanding. Your reports, measures, and applications will be operational within 6 weeks.

Future Ready

Technology is changing rapidly. With Datashop, you choose technology that is built for the 21st century. Datashop’s big data infrastructure does the heavy lifting so that you can focus on delivering care while we take care of everything else.

Intuitive and Beautiful

You use world’s best designed interfaces on your phones, your browsers, but when it comes to the one thing that matters most - your work - you are stuck with age old systems. Not anymore. Datashop is beautifully crafted for you to enjoy using your applications.


Rapid Clinical Information Networks

The current technology infrastructure isn't up to the volume, velocity and complexity of the data it's being asked to deal with, and this is costing taxpayers dollars and leaving people without benefits. But not anymore!

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Moving Beyond the Dashboards

Operations organizations at payers are struggling to answer same of these questions every month, quarter or year. Explore the options and strategies in using smart analytics by operations organizations. Find out more.

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