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Integrated Care for Better Quality, and Higher Efficiency.

We help you provide better care by integrating complex healthcare data across multiple distributed sources to give better insights.

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Our Integrated Care Framework

Patient Social Network

Risk Management

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Pre built integration to
45+ EMR Systems
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Integrated self serve
Big Data infrastructure
Healthcare Solutions
for Networks, Hospitals, and Health Plans
Data Integration & Interoperability

Pre-built Integration to 45+ Healthcare Systems

Access the data and tools you need without being blocked by technical implementations or complexities.

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World’s First Healthcare Big Data Lake

Collaboratively determine the business solution by integrating disparate data sources on Datashop and transform them into actionable insights.

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" Innovaccer is a young company that is remarkably open and creative in how it conceives and executes API-enabled systems and dashboards. I learn a lot from them. "

Michael Schrage
Fellow, MIT Sloan

Data Integration & Interoperability

Measures, Programs and Quality Reporting

Pick and choose from multiple measures, programs, and preferred reporting methods to automate calculation, tracking, and reporting.

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Care Coordination and Patient Engagement

Monitor and measure the quality of care being provided to each and every Patient and intervene at the right time. All the time!

" Innovaccer is a delight to work with. Their innovative approach to disrupting healthcare has huge potential for providers and payers. "

Mark Anderson
Industry Leader

Integrated 100+ geographically spread clinics with disparate data sources using Datashop.

100+ Clinics


8 EMRs

Data Systems

33 Measures


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