Social Determinants of Health

Combat the Impact of

Social Determinants

on Population Health

Deliver a holistic care experience for your patients with Innovaccer.


The Most Comprehensive Solution to Mitigate Social Determinants

Understanding the factors that affect your population health can be tricky. With Innovaccer, help your patients find community services, track social needs, and coordinate care across the continuum to radically improve the health of the people you serve.

Effective resource management
Standardized screenings and assessments
Closed-loop referrals to community resources
Real-time insights to track social health
Transparent communication within teams

Is your Zip Code's
Population Healthy?

Address your patients’ susceptibility to various socioeconomic factors to improve population health based on Social Vulnerability Index (SVI).
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Understand And Manage Your Populations’ Needs

Comprehend the social needs of your patients and ensure seamless communication between your population and relevant community resources through:
  • Built-in surveys
  • Bulk outreach management
  • Real-time notifications

Connect Your Patients To Community Resources With
Aunt Bertha

Unlock a wide breadth of social assistance services such as food, housing, financial and legal help, health services, et al with Aunt Bertha for your patients in real time. Identify needs and send and manage seamless referrals to the needed community resource.
  • Largest network of community resources
  • Major social needs categories covered
  • Hundreds of service type and filters
  • Manage your community resource

Mobile App For Social Workers To Manage Patients’ Social Needs

Accomplish more tasks and enhance the experience with seamless access on cell phones. Social workers can leverage online patient assessments, automated follow-ups, and real-time connectivity to manage patients’ needs on the field.
  • Achieve more with simplified workflows for care teams
  • Increase care team efficiency
  • Chat with patient available anytime, anywhere


Collect a number of insights into your patients’ education, economic situation, living conditions, and more. Additionally, the multiple language support ensures that there are fewer barriers between care teams and their patients.


Quickly share the results of the survey with care teams via automated alerts to address a patient’s high social risk or missed follow up. We ensure the insights are woven within provider workflows and are available to the care team, right in the moment of care.


Send out the survey to multiple patients at once with a single click. With automated and streamlined workflows, refer patients to the most suited community resources from a national database, where they can also rate those resources.


Find the prominent social determinants of health that impact your population and the outcomes your network generates, develop care plans to mitigate those specific determinants, and frequently track the performance of assigned community resources.

Case Study

Read how an Iowa-based Accountable Care Organization addressed social determinants for over 5000 patients

An Iowa-based ACO incorporated a streamlined, data-driven approach to determine how social determinants of health could be addressed

Research Paper

Revolutionizing Healthcare with SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH

Innovaccer has applied Machine Learning algorithms to over 55+ factors to deliver one of the most accurate views ever for social determinants of health in its first ever research on social determinants of health.

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