Enhance Your Health Plan’s Performance

With Interoperability and Data Analytics

Drive improvement in healthcare cost and quality outcomes with an interoperability and data analytics platform from Innovaccer.

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Enhance Performance With Our Payer Interoperability Solution

Lay the foundations for a seamless exchange of healthcare data and analytics-backed actionable insights among payers, providers, and members. Meet key payer needs by retrieving clinical data to drive cost and quality outcomes for members, and standing up APIs compliant with CMS regulatory mandates as part of a broader API platform to enhance connectivity.


Data Activation Platform


Digital chart retrieval for coding gaps


Enhanced supplemental data for quality measures


Full-feature API Platform


APIs meeting regulatory mandates

Healthcare Interoperability To Connect The Care Teams Across The US

Learn about the importance of interoperability in advancing patient-centric care.

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Fulfill Regulatory API Mandates

CMS has proposed API mandates for 2020 through Blue Button 2.0 and rule 9115 on interoperability & patient access. Prepare to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements and empower members to take charge of their own health data.

  • Ensure 100% compliance with potential regularity requirements
  • Providing members secure access to their data through any authorized application
  • Leverage a high-permforming, developer-ready API platform

Stand up high-performing, developer-ready API platform

Lay the foundations for interoperability beyond regulatory requirements, and get easy access to healthcare data through a full-feature API platform. Power up applications that add value to your health plans.

  • API resources based on REST and HL7 FHIR standards
  • Comprehensive API documentation and sandbox access for developers
  • Secure access through OAuth 2.0 authorization
  • HIPAA-compliant logging and analytics features
  • Key traffic management features including throttle controls and spike protection

Close Coding Gaps With Digital Chart Retrieval

Increase risk revenues by improving the closure of coding gaps through digital chart retrieval and accompanying coding gap analytics. Enhance operational efficiency while boosting top-line performance of your Medicare Advantage and Individual health plans.

  • Switch to automated feeds from manual processes
  • Drive 70%+ reduction in time needed to access charts
  • Reduce the need for post-access processing
  • Leverage industry-leading analytics to identify & validate coding gaps

Improve Quality Performance With Enhanced Sourcing Of Supplemental Data

Improve plan quality rating performance through enhanced sourcing of supplemental data needed to calculate clinical quality measures. Expand data availability and usability across your member population.

  • Streamline access through transparent data architecture and data access through SQL
  • Increase data availability across member population
  • Improve the quality rating process for the plans

An Integrated Suite Of Solutions To Boost Health Plan Performance

Innovaccer aims to build a strong synergy between payers, providers, and members to drive improvement in overall network performance. The Payer Interoperability Solution is just one approach to meeting payer and beneficiary needs.

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