Holistic Patient Engagement

For Population Health

Revolutionize care processes with the technology of the future and keep patients satisfied and engaged with their
care teams.

Tie up Loose Ends to Address the Gaps
in Care

Why should care teams have to spend more time on paperwork than they do on patient care? Imagine a world where care is accessible and immediate. Reduce screen time and indulge more in critical activities such as delivering quality care.


Empowered and Educated Patients


Increased Patient Satisfaction


Reduced Costs


Condition and Referral Management


Personalized Care Plans


Reduced Readmissions

The 6-Step Patient Engagement Strategy To Achieve The Quadruple Aim

Revolutionizing care delivery with the next generation of Health IT

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Make impactful decisions based on concrete intelligence

Analyze factors that require immediate attention.

  • Visualize quality measures
  • Stratify vulnerable patients with powerful analytics
  • Track cost and utilization patterns
  • Group patients based on shared conditions or goals

Maximize patient satisfaction effortlessly

Bring care closer to patients with HIPAA-compliant, two-way communication.

  • Send educational content in a variety of formats
  • Send and receive text messages, documents, and health surveys
  • Provide in-person video consultancy
  • Set and track goals and make timely referrals
  • Monitor engagement rates and improve patient retention

Telemedicine initiatives to increase awareness

Make life easier for your patients 365 days a year, 24 hours a day - even when the offices are closed!

  • Manage appointments and monitor patient ratings and feedback
  • Allow one-click appointment booking and prescription renewals
  • Enable claims and condition management based on solid insights
  • Grant role-based access to patient records for emergency contacts in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Analyze per member cost and contribution of each cost component

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Optimize clinical and cost outcomes. Join the patient-centered future of healthcare.

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