Enhance Your Members’ Care Journey And Increase Enrollments

Innovaccer’s Member Engagement Solution drives improvement in healthcare cost and quality, boosts member satisfaction, and enhances member enrollment and retention.

Enhance The Member Experience With Innovaccer's Member Engagement Solution

Transform your member engagement strategies and develop a consumer-oriented experience with care navigation, care plan & program, education and resources, and automated member outreach offerings for your members.


Automated member outreach


Seamless care navigation


Improved care outcomes


Access to member education and resources


OAuth 2.0 Authorization Standard

Heathcare's First Tool For Payers to Evaluate All The MA Plans Across US

Assess the success rate of your MA Plan and get insights into devising strategies.


Seamless care navigation for proactive member engagement

Enable your members to proactively take control of their own care. This solution allows beneficiaries to drive their own care journeys with steerage towards more cost-effective in-network options.

  • Member-driven specialist visits with guidance toward high-performing, in-network clinicians
  • Outpatient care connectivity (e.g., urgent care centers)
  • Ancillary services resources and scheduling support

Improved Care Outcomes With Care Plan & Program enhancements

Facilitate greater member involvement with member-focused care programs. Achieve improved health outcomes with care plans that cater to all the needs of the members.

  • Member-oriented care plans featuring clear activities and member incentives
  • Enhanced connectivity with care managers for a more personalized touch
  • Social worker-driven interventions for identified SDoH risks

Access to Member Education And Resources to Empower Members

Give members access to their own healthcare data to increase satisfaction and improve care outcomes. Provide members with what they need on their own terms and schedule.

  • On-demand mobile offerings of educational materials per member preferences
  • Lab and test results as well as visit notes at members' fingertips
  • Personalized health assessments
  • Digitized member services (e.g., ID card, EOBs)

Automated member outreach for more consumer-friendly experience

Improve the member experience with automated consumer-oriented outreach that helps members improve their health outcomes.

  • Appointment reminders including pre-visit instructions
  • Prior-auth member correspondence
  • Nudges on immunization and screening needs

Suite Of Offerings To Meet The Top Needs Of Payers

Innovaccer focuses on driving more collaboration and connectivity among payer, provider, and member stakeholders - through a series of steps to align incentives and performance. Our member engagement solution helps meet payer needs.

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