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Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2019

This Hype Cycle provides critical input for strategic planning by tracking the maturity levels and adoption rates of emerging payer technologies and approaches. U.S. healthcare payer CIOs should use this research to plan their investments to optimize and transform.

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Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers, 2019

This Hype Cycle provides critical input for strategic planning. It helps CIOs communicate with a range of stakeholders on future directions for health IT, analytics and medical innovation. It also supports CIOs’ informed decision making to identify, understand and prioritize significant investments.

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Hype Cycle for Life Science Commercial Operations, 2019

Life science organizations’ commercial model is under attack. Accelerating medical innovation, emboldened payers, frustrated patients and digital disruptors are forcing CEOs to deliver transformation. CIOs should use this research to assess and implement emerging technologies for success.

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U.S. Healthcare Payer CIOs: Achieve Provider Engagement Through Data, Analytics and CRM

U.S. healthcare payers’ fragmented provider network management systems reflect the dated demands of siloed business stakeholders. To improve provider relations, CIOs must catalyze business process rationalization and rearchitect IT systems around engagement hubs.

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Social Determinants of Health Analytics for Healthcare CIOs

Healthcare payer and provider organizations are launching initiatives to identify unmet needs that significantly contribute to health outcomes and medical expense. CIOs must develop an approach to source and harness SDOH insights for care delivery and population health management innovation.

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4 Leadership Roles to Position Solutions for Healthcare Value Delivery

Optimizing healthcare value delivery is a global imperative to improve patient outcomes and cut costs. Product managers must effectively position value delivery solutions to resonate with key healthcare provider leadership roles in support of their strategic objectives.

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Market Insight: Health IT Product Manager’s Guide for Evolving Your Solution for Value Based Care

Value-based care will be 70% of healthcare payments by 2021. Product managers selling VBC solutions must evolve their solutions now to support patient-centric outcomes and bake-in confidentiality along the patient journey.

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The Current State of Clinical Data Integration Among U.S. Healthcare Payers

U.S. healthcare payer CIOs face increasing market and regulatory pressures to implement clinical data integration as a critical capability — yet ROI remains elusive. To deliver business value at scale, CIOs must accelerate plans to adopt a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution.

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Healthcare Collaboration Point for CIOs: Referral Management

Helping consumers navigate follow-up care is essential under value-based models, but disjointed payer and provider referral processes are inefficient and frustrating. U.S. healthcare payer and provider CIOs must collaborate to improve their collective referral management workflows and IT systems.

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5 Actions U.S. Healthcare Payer CIOs Must Take When Purchasing Risk Adjustment Management Systems

Profitability in government health programs depends on complete and accurate coding of members’ health status. U.S. healthcare payer CIOs must prioritize analytics and verify AI capabilities when seeking new or replacing risk adjustment optimization vendors.

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Healthcare Provider CIOs: Get Ahead of AI Innovation With Strong AI Governance

Healthcare provider CIOs need to balance introducing cutting-edge artificial intelligence innovation with solutions that are trustworthy, safe and transparent. Adoption of AI governance best practices will help to mitigate the friction and move AI from inert to game-changing.

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Healthcare’s Digital Data Dexterity Demands a Data Curation and Enrichment Hub

Healthcare CIOs who do not deliver expert data capabilities will imperil their organizations’ digital transformation. CIOs should use this research to get informed about critical new competencies for data curation, management and enrichment.

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Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2018

This Hype Cycle provides critical input for strategic planning by tracking the maturity and adoption rates of technology developments. CIOs should use this research to understand technology change and prioritize investments — aiding organization- wide and, in fact, industry-wide transformation.

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Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers, 2018

This Hype Cycle provides critical input for strategic planning. It helps CIOs to communicate with boards, executives and stakeholders about the future directions of health IT, and to identify, understand and prioritize significant investments in applications, analytics and "medical IT" advances.

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Market Guide for Healthcare Provider Population Health Management Solutions: 2018 Update

Transitioning to value-based care and building population health management capabilities remains a top priority for most healthcare delivery organizations. CIOs can use this research to understand the market for essential enabling technologies.

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Drive a New Data and Analytics Architecture to Match Your Digital Healthcare Provider Needs

Crafting the analytics architecture for the healthcare delivery organization requires ecosystem thinking. CIOs can use this research to create an analytics architecture that supports the evolution of the

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U.S. Healthcare Administration’s Future Requires a Real-Time Payment Ecosystem Powering Value-Based Care

Claims denials, rework and lagging payments sap efficiency from the U.S. healthcare system — draining profits from payers and providers alike. CIOs must use this model to guide development of

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Healthcare Payer CIOs, Leverage Vendor Partners to Succeed at Clinical Data Integration

Healthcare payer IT teams typically lack the specific expertise needed to execute complete clinical data integration initiatives, leading to suboptimal business outcomes. CIOs must assess vendors against the entire CDI value chain to pick partners and improve delivery.

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Healthcare Provider CIOs Need to Stay on Course and Procure a Population Health Solution

Population health management is the worldwide organizing principle for healthcare delivery in the 21st century. Recent election results and political change may disrupt realization, but won't alter this path. In uncertain times, this is one certainty on which healthcare provider CIOs must deliver.

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Fuel Your Health IT Marketing Funnel Using Events and Webinars

Tech CEOs looking to drive new healthcare IT sales face an increasingly complex set of roles they must reach and quickly move into their sales pipeline. Tech CEOs can drive sales leads and close more deals by combining webinars with targeted tradeshow events.

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From Myth to Reality - Revolutionizing Healthcare with Augmented Intelligence and Social Determinants of Health

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The 6-Step Patient Engagement Strategy To Achieve The Quadruple Aim

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