Innovaccer launches Medical Homes solution


Data-activation company Innovaccer Inc. has launched a Patient-Centered Medical Homes solution aimed at managing end-to-end needs of organizations from advancing primary care initiatives to establish a sustainable financial model.

“With its PCMH solution, Innovaccer has created the perfect fit for organizations that are willing to make the transition to a more efficient, cost-effective primary care-focused model,” said Paul Grundy, M.D., Chief Transformation Officer at Innovaccer. “We believe that with an emphasis on promoting population health, coordinating care, and managing patients with chronic diseases, PCMHs can help in reconstructing our fragile healthcare system,” he added.

The solution comes with advanced embedded analytics capabilities to allow executive teams to access, identify and address problems faced by care teams across one or more facilities in real-time. Customizable widgets can stratify patients, analyze population health and monitor gaps in care so provider organizations can enable timely interventions by better understanding clinical and non-clinical factors.

PCPs can view comprehensive Patient-360 profiles and utilize built-in assessments and care protocols to build dynamic care plans for their patients — removing the need to pull information into spreadsheets or navigate multiple EHR platforms. Clinical teams can also send bulk outreach campaigns, personalized videos surveys and more.

Innovaccer claims the solution can reduce PCP administrative work by more than three minutes per patient.

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