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"For an ACO that delivers care to 400,000 patients from 17 value-based contracts on over one hundred different conditions, it gets a little challenging to keep track of all of them. If we don’t even know the gaps in care of an individual patient, addressing them and finding how our network is doing will be a long shot."

Care Manager from Iowa

See where everyone stands

Measure team productivity

Track the performance and efficiency of care managers in your network and incentivize them for significant performance delta.

Efficiently structure your teams

Monitor the ongoing care programs closely and identify the growth opportunities to rework care teams and patient assignment that deliver maximum successful outcomes.

Report on your work

Efficacy of care programs

Monitor the outcomes of every care program and interventions to analyze the gaps in care and overall quality benchmarks left to chase in the network.

Compute your ROI

Record every click, and user-activity with InCare to analyze “spend” vs “savings” - measure the efficacy, $$ returns, and cost-effectiveness for different interventions and care-programs across care-teams.

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