Keep your work comprehensive, but without the hassles involved in keeping track

format_quoteI often feel like there are just so many hands in the pot. No one is really keeping track of the whole picture. Someone might have five different specialists, each with their own appointments and working simultaneously in up to four different applications. It would be great if there was just one place to go view the entire picture.format_quote

Care Manager from Iowa

Access insights everywhere

Real-time holistic patient information

Search one source, and access complete patient 360- physician visits, risk scores, admission and discharge events, medications prescribed, diagnostic tests, and more- all in real time.

Cross-network accessibility

No need to be limited or frustrated by separate EMRs across network. Now, share patient details and collaborate on care programs with providers across the network for a frictionless care journey.

Track care from start to finish

Comprehensive Transitional Care

Create care programs that bridge patient transitions and review the coordination and continuity of care along the continuum.

Utilization management

Follow up regularly with your patients post discharge to educate and help them avoid sudden readmissions, unnecessary ED visits, and any possible acute episodes.

Boxes? Check.

Enhance clinical documentation

Easily document your regular interactions with your patients, track their adherence to care programs and monitor the outcomes of every intervention with InCare.

Identify dropped codes

Identify missed diagnosis codes or potential down-codes to enhance patient care and avoid a negative impact on revenue and risk-adjusted savings.

Collaborate on patient-centric care

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