Focus on your patients, InCare will handle the rest

InCare can streamline tasks by automating patient prioritization and assignment to care managers. Spare the long hours spent in searching patients in files and EMRs.

Prioritize patients to enhance care outcomes

Automated Patient Stratification

Identify patients that require immediate attention- be it the top 5% high-risk patients of your network or the ones looking for post-acute care, and lead them to recovery and better outcomes with InCare.

Goal-based Patient Prioritization

Rank patients for specific care programs to bridge high-priority care gaps and achieve the overall goals of the provider network.

Assign patient and create smarter worklists

Smart Patient Assignment

Match patient population on various parameters such as clinical and social risk scores, geographic proximity, as well as the schedules of care managers, and smartly assign patients to the best care teams.

Outreach Campaigns

Spare long hours spent in sending text messages, emails, and making phone calls. With InCare, stay connected with your patients to ensure care journeys are seamless.

Build and Customize Care Programs

Library of Care Programs

Designed in collaboration with leading healthcare experts and care teams, InCare has multiple in-built care programs that automate interventions based on alerts and triggers to ensure a smooth care experience.

Make it your own

Incorporate patient preferences and personal goals with clinical and behavioral care outcomes to create a personalized care program, that is unique.

Let's work together to automate your efforts

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