Datashop Lens for Brands & Marketers

Datashop Lens helps brands leverage Big Data recommendations to create real time and delightful interactions for customers.

Get quick, demonstrable ROI from distributed customer data

Integrate Distributed Data

Integrate data distributed across public, private and partner data systems onto a seemless big data infrastructure that gives you ease of data management.

Fast and Easy

Datashop can be deployed rapidly at scale. Build performance monitoring dashboards and apps on top of data easily to get quick ROI and actionable insights.

Advance big data analytics

Inbuilt analytics environment that lets you run analytics insights and access your distributed data assets with a click of a button.

Bleeding edge visual interactions

Dashboard and apps that power interactive actionable insights to make effective, data-driven decisions.

Datashop in retail

A large retail firm integrated data from 20+ distributed social feeds using Datashop.


social feeds


data points

35 Dimensions

customer perception

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