Point-of-care Solution for the Care Teams

A smart application that automatically recognizes which patient needs attention and pops out just the useful information on the EMR screens telling care teams what additional work needs to be done.

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Hassle-free information to your physicians

A web browser plugin that securely keeps a watch on patient information like care gaps, coding gaps, and a lot more which it pops out for a physician to absorb it without having to do anything.

No connection is required with EMRs. This application only listens to your EMR related browsing activities and detects if a patient is being viewed.

Connects to Datashop’s Care Intelligence Platform™ which keeps a tab on additional data apart from EMR and thus shows, registries, or markers (like frequent ED visitor), and other customized fields. Seeker also connects to any other system via RESTful APIs.

Customized point of care insights like patient’s demographic details, care gaps, coding gaps, risk scores to the physicians on EMRs.

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