Finally, care that is coordinated and efficient

Forget complicated EHRs and Excel sheets. Switch to smarter and efficient care management that lets you focus on what you do best – provide seamless care.

*Above results were obtained on previous deployments at customer sites.


Care teams are overwhelmed

High Administrative Burden

Care Managers spend a lot of their time doing redundant work like writing letters, hunting for documents, and sending mails.

Fragmented Patient Information

Patient information like medical records, care gaps, and physician notes are present across different systems making it an operational nightmare.

Lack of Visible Outcomes

Care Teams have no visibility into the performance of their work.


A Unified Platform to Empower Patient-Centric Care

Everything you need to strengthen patient-centric care with targeted interventions for better outcomes — all backed by outcomes that help you grow.


Strategically assign tasks, prioritize patients, deliver custom-designed care programs, and automate follow-ups.

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Integrated Workflows

Ensure consistency and productivity by binding the care team together to a single, trusted source of information.

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Measurable Outcomes

Analyze “Spend vs. Savings” by tracking all activities and interventions with real-time updates and drilled down dashboards.

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Evolving to Patient-Centric Care

Save over 50 hours per care manager – every month

Manage your day-to-day administrative tasks with a smart platform, saving time and energy and focusing on your primary objective of providing quality health care.

Case Study

Insight Driven Engagements for Better Outcomes

Empowered care teams across the country are driving smarter care with a platform tested on ground, saving over 100,000 hours and taking care of more than 10 million lives.

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Reduction in
30-day Readmissions


Improvement in
Annual Wellness Visits


Reduction in
ED Utilization per 1000


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