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Population Health Management is a big responsibility, let us help you get there.

We use Big Data Technology and Advanced Analytics built in on top of an intuitive and user friendly platform to make your life easier, because you deserve it!

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Integration & Interoperability

Rapid Data Integration with Complete Patient Profiles

Datashop was built several years ago for researchers at top institutions like Harvard and Stanford to integrate disparate streams of data at rapid speeds. We have brought this speed and agility in the data-rigid Healthcare space as well. Datashop - Population Health Manager has capability to connect with 50+ EHR, Claim, and PMS systems with just a point and a click.

A nudge for Chronic and Behavioral Health

7 of 10 deaths occur due to chronic diseases and 1 out of 5 patients in America are diagnosed with mental health disorder. Datashop - Population Health Manager has a nudge for managing chronic and behavioral health patients better. Using our Natural Language Processing tools, we make behavioral health registries interoperable.

Data Integration & Interoperability
Managing population health through virtual assistance

Automated Alerts & Schedules

Managing population involves a huge variety of data and tasks around you, it can sometimes get to you! We understand this and Datashop - Population Health Manager has an alert and scheduling system which automatically alerts you for risk uplifts, missed schedules, deviation from goals, and much more. It also enables Head Coaches or Care Managers to manage their intervention schedules and act as their virtual assistant so that they don't miss a patient.

Population Health Management in dashboards

From Dashboards to Cards

Dashboards and reports are nineties. Datashop - Population Health Manager powers you to build your own views using cards. Pick data, measures, graphs, alerts you want to use and arrange cards the way you want it. You can even build your own measures to manage population better. Like we said, its built for you, not to slave you.

Generate Reports quickly

Speed and Intuitiveness

Its a matter of life, we can't wait for hours or days to generate reports. Our Big Data Infrastructure does the heavy lifting and gives you reports, alerts, measures, schedules almost in real-time and you deserve a better product with intuitiveness and design built-in to ease your life, we deliver it to you.

Health Management

Flexible & Transparent Risk Management

Out of the box, Datashop - Population Health Manager provides CMS-HCC and HHS-HCC risk scoring and connects seamlessly with various commercial risk grouping tools like episode groupers and pharmacy groupers. We can also collaborate to create custom risk and episode groupers, specifically for your population.

Flexible & transparent Risk Management
Care Continuity

Keep your patients engaged

It shouldn't be tough to engage with patients and educate them in this era of social networking, right? Datashop - Population Health Manager comes with a mobile app and a web portal to enable patient engagement and education along with some fun and healthy tips.

Social Network for your patient
Customizable for you

Flexible to work with your goals

Datashop Population Health Manager was designed with a belief that "every population is different". It enables you to design Population Health Management strategy, goals, targets and milestones based on your assessment of the population. Well, its also smart and gives you recommendations, if you choose to accept it.

Walk-the-walk together

We strongly believe that Population Health Management cannot be served justice by merely providing an off-the-shelf tool. Datashop - Population Health Manager's flexibility empowers our geeky Data Scientists and Healthcare Experts to work with your team and enable its use in the right way, which is your way.

Customizable Population Health Management

Experience Datashop Population Health Manager


Integrated Data For Better Care

The current technology infrastructure isn't up to the volume, velocity and complexity of the data it's being asked to deal with, and this is costing taxpayers dollars and leaving people without benefits. But not anymore!

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Moving Beyond the Dashboards

Operations organizations at payers are struggling to answer same of these questions every month, quarter or year. Explore the options and strategies in using smart analytics by operations organizations. Find out more.

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