Integrated Care for Better Quality, and Higher Efficiency.

Datashop helps you provide better care by integrating complex data across multiple distributed sources to give insights.

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Our Integrated Care Framework

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Pre built integration to
30+ EMR Systems
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Integrated self serve
Big Data infrastructure
Healthcare Solutions
for Networks, Hospitals, and Health Plans

Pre-built Integration to 30+ Healthcare Systems

Access the data and tools you need without being blocked by technical implementations or complexities.

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Integration to Healthcare Systems

World's First Healthcare Big Data Lake

Collaboratively determine the business solution by integrating disparate data sources on Datashop and transform them into actionable insights.

Integrated Data Lake
Healthcare Big Data Lake
Datashop in healthcare

Integrated 100+ geographically spread clinics with disparate data sources using Datashop.

100+ Clinics


33+ Measures


8+ EMRs

Data Systems

Manage population health better

Integrated Data, Custom Programs, and High Performance tailored to your specific needs.

Population Health Manager
Population Health Management

Track quality of care for improved health

Intelligent Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, Operational, Financial, and Clinical measures for greater visibility and accelerated growth.

Quality Manager
Quality of Care report

Integrated Social Network for your Patients

Improve Patient Satisfaction and ensure greater care coordination with social network built exclusively for your patients.

Social Network for your patient
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Schedule a meeting to get a industry specific demo of Datashop’s capabilities. Datashop can quickly integrate data and generate actionable insights.


Integrated Data For Better Care

The current technology infrastructure isn't up to the volume, velocity and complexity of the data it's being asked to deal with, and this is costing taxpayers dollars and leaving people without benefits. But not anymore!

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Moving Beyond the Dashboards

Operations organizations at payers are struggling to answer same of these questions every month, quarter or year. Explore the options and strategies in using smart analytics by operations organizations. Find out more.

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