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Forget manual Excel sheets and deliver better care for your patients with automated personalized care plans. Better care with real-time insights for care teams on any device.

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Single Source of all your data

Datashop Care Management runs on Integrated Data Lake, which integrates all your Clinical, Claims, ADT, Scheduling, Medication, Immunization, and operational data without having to write a single line of code and provides a longitudinal view of the attributed population.

care management

Understand your patients better

Empower care teams with Patient 360 module of Datashop Care Management that gives access to information like Medical History of patients, Social Determinants, risk scores and various other care opportunities about all the patients in the system and offer real-time decision support for effective care management.

care management
$2.1 Million annualized savings for 80,000 at-risk commercial lives.
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Strategize and Prioritize Care Delivery

Datashop Care Management uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help Care teams with a manual override to strategize and prioritize patients and maps them intelligently to health coaches within a network, based on measures, performance, risk scores, and disease categories without having to navigate through the massive data.

Chronic Care Management

Datashop Care Management connects patients with chronic conditions effectively with PCPs to enhance care coordination and communication. Timely identify at-risk patients with Datashop Risk Navigator and plan timely intervention through intelligent Care Management.

Automated Care Plans and Adherence Tracking

Health Coaches receive push notifications on their devices via intelligent Machine Learning systems to track adherence to smartly generated care plans based on patient's needs and track regular follow-ups, scheduled wellness visits, and deviations from best practices with Datashop Care Management.

The care loop for better clinical outcomes

care management
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